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“Mathew Alexander is right at home in the world of celebrity and high fashion, but it’s his work with civilians like you and me that lifts him out of the ordinary. He seems to have an intuitive mastery of what will look great and the skill to create it, not only after a professional blowdry, but in the days, weeks and months afterwards too. The cut is so good, that my appointments can be 6 months apart.” – Laura Tennant, Harpers Bazaar.

“It is very rare to find someone who has expertise with both makeup and hair. He always knows the latest products and how to use them for maximum impact. Mathew has created some truly memorable looks and I feel very lucky to have found him!” – Gillian Anderson, Actress.

“For the red carpet masquerade Mathew is my man. Both ridiculously funny and talented – he’s like a master with a canvas, he adores what he does and is a dab hand. I cannot recommend him highly enough, although I would rather like to keep him for myself.” – Natascha McElhone, Actress.

The Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2011
The Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2011
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